Top e-Commerce Sites in Bangladesh According To Alexa

Top e-Commerce Sites in Bangladesh According To Alexa

In our growing economy of Bangladesh, people are more intended to go for options of convenience and are less concerned about price while shopping. People getting more occupied with other tasks these days. Therefore, they search for easier, trustworthy and applicable online shopping options where they can shop anytime as online shops are open 24/7.


The COVID-19 pandemic has halted our usual activities as we know, bringing an air of uncertainty. As we are collectively staying home and maintaining social distance, the necessity of e-commerce solutions has become apparent more than ever. Your business can remain active with an e-commerce site as everyone is buying products through online platforms. The demand for essentials such as food and medicine is booming more than ever, and e-commerce is the only viable platform to serve your customers during the pandemic. 


Here are the updated top 10 e-commerce sites in Bangladesh during this pandemic situation


COVID-19 Edition list is one of the leading e-commerce shops famous for delivering groceries. The site has been facing a considerable increase in sales as people are turning into the Chaldal site to order their groceries as people are unable to go out to get groceries by themselves due to the pandemic.

Daraz is one of the most popular and oldest e-commerce sites in Bangladesh, specializing in electronics, home appliances, clothing etc. Recently they have added a grocery section in their subcategory which makes Daraz one of the top e-commerce sites of Bangladesh. Also their home appliance section is booming as people need to do most of the house chores by themselves and Daraz offers the biggest home appliance section through their website.


Meena Click

Meena Bazaar is one of the biggest departmental store brands in Bangladesh. With the Meenaclick, Meena has entered the e-commerce industry and is catering essentials and groceries to the people who are unable to go to a store physically due to the pandemic.

Othoba is one of the e-commerce sites seeing a booming increase in usage due to its Ramadan centric offers and supply of PPEs and other hygiene products, necessary products during the COVID-19 crisis.

PriyoShop has already known as one of the top e-commerce sites for fashion, jewelry, and clothing in Bangladesh. But after the lock-down due to the pandemic, PriyoShop has been majorly focusing on providing daily groceries, home appliance products, PPEs and other hygienic products; thus seeing an increased growth during these times.

Shwapno is one of the leading departmental stores in Bangladesh. As people are forced to be in quarantine, Shwapno has launched their own e-commerce site where people can get their groceries and essentials with free home delivery.

Khaasfood has come to focus during this COVID-19 situation for providing groceries. Khaasfood has taken initiatives to promote their online grocery shopping, Ramadan offers, and nutrition to keep people healthy during the pandemic; hence seeing an increased user traffic in recent times. is an online marketplace where people of Bangladesh can look for services such as cleaning, repairs, and delivery. As the lockdown in the country has made people unable to go out for essentials, Sheba has introduced grocery shopping, healthcare, and emergency services to meet the ongoing demands throughout the quarantine.

Ajkerdeal is a popular e-commerce platform in Bangladesh selling a wide variety of products. And as the pandemic has caused a severe lockdown in the country, Ajkerdeal has adopted to selling PPEs, healthcare products, groceries, and other essentials to help out the people during these tough times.

Medicine and other healthcare products are essential to many people. And due to the quarantine lock-down, many people are not able to procure their medicines and such, leaving them to further health risks. is the leading online pharmacy store who has been seeing a substantial rise in sales as they are one of the few e-commerce businesses that have brought the pharmacy to a digital storefront.


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